Friday, October 1, 2010

Underground idols united: KiSS&KiSS(キスキス)

A month ago a new idol group from Kansai was formed: KiSS&KiSS (キスキス). It consist of 14 members (2 groups, 1 duo and 4 soloists) from 5 different agencies: Grace, KID Company, Partir, Treasure Factory and SP!Ke.

They first release is a double A-side single: School Days and Kimi to itsumademo (君といつまでも) that came out past September 29th. We have a little preview of their first PV on YouTube:

It doesn't look like this release is going to be in any online shop such as Amazon, HMV,... since there isn't any more info about it :( I suppose they're going to sell it only in their own events.

They also apppered in the MusicJapanTV's USTREAM channel two times:

Each member presented themselves. They also showed a PV preview of 
School Days, rehearsals, some making of and a School Days' performance :D
KiSS&KiSS segment starts in the 16th minute aprox.


 The whole show is for them. They showed some backstage footage from the previus show
and some clips from their first presentation. They also performed Kimi to Itsumademo at the end.

Photo by sunkichi

They did their first live in August 28th singing both songs from their debut single:

School Days

Kimi to Itsumademo

Photo by sunkichi

I'm writing a second post about them focusing in each group/soloist since I knew about them before  KiSS&KiSS. That's one of the reasons I'm very happy when I knew about this project ^^!

Official Site:


From Ricotta Veil





From リトルキューティー★J’s

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Anonymous said...

I wish the song would just release :/ Wish it was in stores

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