Friday, May 27, 2011

Mary Angel 4th single: succeed!+USTREAM+new songs

That's right! Mary Angel is releasing their 4th single next June 29th! Actually, Maya wrote about it some weeks ago but official announcement was made some days ago in their official site.

Friday, May 13, 2011 SET!

Yesterday I wanted to have a break from studies so I did some avatars and wallpapers with promotional pics from their last single ^^ (they have adorable outfits :D).

Group's avatars

Member's avatars announces major debut!

One of the big news of this year is the major debut of!!!

I got the news from my sister BDASHU, who's a big fan of them...she especially loves Furukawa Mirin ^^. As usual, she was watching one of their live shows on NicoNicoDouga  the day they announced not only they were going major but also their next single was going to be the ending theme of the anime Baby princess 3D.

Single is called "Pikoppikuppikatte koishite yo" and they already performed it many times at DearStage and other events (like Mosaic.wav's concert some weeks ago).
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