Saturday, October 9, 2010

Furukawa Mirin's radio "Akiba ni mukatte B dasshu!"

Furukawa Mirin's weekly radio show started this past Wednesday with the name of "Akiba ni mukatte B dasshu!" (アキバにむかってBだっしゅ!).

The show is about 40 minutes long and can be seen in her USTREAM channel. You can see the show every Wednesday at 23:30 pm (Japan Time).

Mirin is an idol singer from idol/cosplay Cafe & Bar Dear Stage at Akihabara. She's also a dancer on Nico Nico Douga! Also, her last single Mirikaru☆Fantasy reached the nº 5 spot on Oricon Indies Singles ^^!

Dear Stage Official Site


4 comentarios:

Christian Hernández said...

GREAT! A Dear Stage chan! :D

Coudl you notice the relation of "B dasshu" with Onyanko Club's "TOO ADULT" song's lyrics? :P


Bunny Kaisui said...

YES! The name of her show made some of us think of BDASHU (who is a big fan of mirin and her favorite song is TOO ADULT)... also, she started her show reading an e-mail BDASHU sended her ;D

It looks like Mirin really appreciates her Spanish fan :D!

Mi Ciudad said...

Hello Bunny, Thanks for follow my Blog. It´s nice to know that we have visitors from Japan. I hope you like Cordoba...



Carlos said...

Esta usando unos Momoi Fostex!

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