Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Live! School idol project cast!!

Today, all Love Live!'s official sites have been updated with the so awaited seiyuu cast! Also, they change all the official photos for new ones (don't their outfits look like AKB's Oogoe Diamond ones? :P).

Character and seiyuu's names romanized by me:
I only know Minori and Sora from Milky Holmes unit :D

I'm surprised how the seiyuu look kind of like their characters! I supposed they want to give the same importance to both the anime characters and their seiyuus. Now I wonder if they're going to perform as a normal/real idol group does...

NicoNico show is going to start in some minutes... I leave you with this info~ I'm going to update this post later ;D (or while I'm watching it xD) !

 Ota Suke


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♥ ルキ モモイー ♥ said...

ya lei sobre este anime tengo muchas ganas de verlo ^^

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