Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Live! School idol project cast!!

Today, all Love Live!'s official sites have been updated with the so awaited seiyuu cast! Also, they change all the official photos for new ones (don't their outfits look like AKB's Oogoe Diamond ones? :P).

Character and seiyuu's names romanized by me:
I only know Minori and Sora from Milky Holmes unit :D

I'm surprised how the seiyuu look kind of like their characters! I supposed they want to give the same importance to both the anime characters and their seiyuus. Now I wonder if they're going to perform as a normal/real idol group does...

NicoNico show is going to start in some minutes... I leave you with this info~ I'm going to update this post later ;D (or while I'm watching it xD) !

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ono Erena graduated from AKB48

Yesterday, September 27th, Ono Erena (小野恵令奈) graduataded from AKB48. Her graduation ceremony was celebrated in a Team K show in the AKB48's Theater.

A month ago, Erena announced her graduation from the group in order to study abroad and become an actress.

A really sad departure... but as Sae said (or 10nen Zakura's lyrics said) graduation is a process. Erena says this is not a goodbye but a see you soon. She promises she's going to be back and asks her fans to wait her!

The Team K show went as always until the first encore where fans call Erepyon's name. After the three last songs from the usual setlist, they sang K2's Korogaru ishi ni nare (転がる石になれ). This is the first time new Team K sing this song.

After that they shown a VTR for the ocasion and for the surprise of everybody... ex-Team K members appeared!! Yuka, Kana, Oku, Kasai, Natsuki & Chikano (now Team B members), Natsumi & Asuka (now Team A members) and Meetan (now SDN48 member). Nonti (now SDN48 captain) couldn't be there, though =(. Old Team K line-up sang K4's
Sasae (支え) and after that, both old and new members sang K3's Sougen no kiseki (草原の奇跡).

It looks like ex-AKB48 (and Team K) members Naruse & Kaoru where backstage! There were one of my favorite members so I'm really glad to see them with AKB one more time!

Many AKB48 (current & ex) members dedicated their posts to Erena: Sae, Kana, Sayaka, Ayaka, Yuka, Yuko, Oku, Naruse, Kaoru, Chikano...

Good luck in your future Erepyon! We're all going to miss you!!!

As an Pick up of the week... I leave you with two performances: FIRTS LOVE, Ono first and only solo from Namida Surprise! single and Sougen no kiseki from K3' DVD (graduation of Imai -and Takada-).

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

ラブライブ!(Love Live!) seiyuu cast to be revealed

Love Live! School idol project
seiyuu cast is going to be revealed next Thursday September 30th:




The official site will be updated with the seiyuu's names and at 21:00 PM (Japan Time) they'll appear in NicoNicoDouga online show 「とりあえず生中(三杯目)」:

ラブライブ! School idol project is a joint project between Studio SUNRISE, LANTIS and Bandai together with G's Magazine. This project involves games and anime but there isn't much more information.

They released their first single Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life (僕らのLIVE 君とのLIFE) in August 25th:

I can see a lot of AKB48 (Oogoe Diamond PV and Iiwake Maybe's outfits :/)
but I like the song (b-side is good, too)!!

This idol group consist of 9 girls between 15 and 17 years old:

There're already rumours about who are the character's seiyuus... but usually this kind of projects have more less known seiyuus.

Official Dengeki Site:
Official Lantis Site:


Monday, September 20, 2010

AKB48's 19th Single JanKenPon Tournament!!

Are you ready for tomorrow's big JanKenPon Tournment???

(If you don't know what I'm talking about.... read here :D)

I just hope Matsubara Natsumi and Umeda Ayaka (two of my AKB48's favorites) make it to Senbatsu!! I hope the same for Oku Manami, Masuda Yuka, Katayama Haruka, Sato Natsuki, .... and of course Miyazawa Sae & Akimoto Sayaka (but they're usual Senbatsu so I'm rooting for them to make to the center position :P).

Anyways, I don't care wich line-up results as long it's a bit different for what we usually have in each single! Also, I want them to perform the songs from their next single :D!

Let's all pray for our favorites!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

THE IDOLM@STER 5th PV... Male idol group???

A 5th PV was released today with big BIG news: for the first time in an IM@S game, we'll be able to produce male idols (not counting Ryo xD).

Jupiter is the name of the new male idol group from 961Production!

From left to right: 御手洗 翔太(MITARAI SHOUTA), 天ヶ瀬 冬馬

And their seiyuus:

From left to right: 寺島 拓篤(TERASHIMA TAKUMA)-TOUMA-, 神原 大地

961 Production site is not in construction anymore and we can see the new characters profiles...

See Alice or Guilty PV!!

I'm not a big fan of male idols/bands... but I think this may be pretty fun xD. I'm sure I'm not going to be a big fan of any of them... but their songs and performances will be interesting for sure :D!

What do you think about having a male group in IDOLM@STER?

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