Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Otaku are creative!

Today I start a new section/tag: Otaku are creative!

I always found impressive how otaku (anime otaku, videogames otaku, idol otaku,...) can make incredible stuff from something they like. Sometimes they're professionals programmers, graphic designers, composers,... but many times they just do all their best with their skills and obtain some interesting creations ^^!

That said... let's start with a nice IDOLM@STER MAD (Japanese fan made video)!

Dream Fighter by Ai, Eri & Ryo (IM@S)

Hidaka Ai, Mizutani Eri & Akizuki Ryo "performing" Dream Fighter by Perfume.
Impressive 3D animation and camera angles!

(You need an account to watch videos on NicoNicoDouga)

I hope you enjoy it!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

☆Pickups of the week☆ [Week 2]

This week's we start with the new AKB48's TV comercials! This time our girls promote a AKB48 x Puccho campaign for their new flavors of Puccho candy using their new single Heavy Rotation (ヘビーローテーション) as background music!

Don't you think those are really cute ;P!

Next one it's a Chocolove from AKB48 performance from 2009 Setlist concert where their Ashita wa ashita no kimi ga umareru yo (明日は明日の君が生まれる) song ranked nº 8. This was a nice and moving performance because in that time, Rina Nakanishi (中西里菜) was already graduated from AKB48. It was a nice surprise to see Sayaka Akimoto and Miyazawa Sae together with Rina again ^^ (something that won't be repeated...)



Hello readers! I'm working in a big calendar for you all!

It's easier to have every relevant (Idol, Idol-seiyuu related) releases, events, etc in only one place. I'm still working in it, and it's very incomplete right now! That's why I ask for your collaboration if you want to add any date on the calendar ^__^. You just have to comment in the calendar page or e-mail me (bunny.desu(a)gmail(dot)com)!

That said...

Let's all enjoy of our idols!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

☆Pickups of the week☆

I spend a lot of time watching different videos on YouTube and NicoNicoDouga everyday, so I decided to start this "section": Pickups of the week


Cream (クリーム) performing an original song called CAPTIVE. I'm addicited to this song since I found it :D. Nice song and great dance!


hy4_4yh(ハイパーヨーヨ) singing HeartCatch PreCure! ending theme song Heartcatch! Paradise.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest bunny☆kaisui's videos

Please, enjoy my latest videos. They're all AKB48 tributes ^^. Subscribe if you want to see more in the future!

Kimi to niji to taiyou to

"The Sun, The Rainbow and You". An album song I really like.
I decide to put English subtitles because the lyrics are really beautiful!

Majisuka Rock'n'Roll

"If you can't be serious, you can't win... Let's go! Rock n' Roll!"
This time I tried with a similar outfit... a yankee style!

Majijo Teppen Blues

"My 'serious' is for you." (Gakuran/Sae speech ;D)
Second part of my "Majisuka Gakuen" special!!
This is the first time I try to do a kind of PV.

Thanks for watching and thanks for reading!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

¿Qué opinas sobre el wotagei? ¿Sabes hacer? ¿Has hecho alguna vez?

Qué opino? Generalmente me atrae mucho la idea de ver a los wotas tan "organizados" con el fin de animar a sus idols. Especialmente me gustan los "gritos" más que los movimientos. Pero siempre depende de si se trata de un concierto normal (donde casi no te pondrás a hacer los movimientos) o de una quedada entre amigos de la misma afición (donde lo divertido es hacer los movimientos xD), por ejemplo.

Sólo se algunos pasos básicos (Romance, PPPH, Mawari,..) y algunos gritos más los especificos para cada canción.

Nunca he hecho, en España no se "practica" el wotagei, como en México (y menos como en Japón), dudo que mucha gente sepa lo que es ^^U. Como máximo en alguna convención mientras actuaba Sexy Mafia ( he gritado los nombres y dado palmas... pero la gente es muy sosa en España xD. Algun intento de vez en cuando en mi casa con mi compañera de afición (BDASHU) ha habido xD. Aunque cada vez q veo un concierto no puedo evitar gritar, dar palmas, ... 8D

Larga respuesta xD

Ask me anything!!/Pregúntame lo que quieras!!

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