Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm going to need new walls...

I bought a Pucchi Moni poster collection some time ago.... but my walls are already full!!!! I really need new ones XD!

MarryDoll new single "Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo/Gouin YOUR WAY"

CD Tracklist + DVD
01. 走れ!全力少女 (Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo)
02. 強引 Your way (Gouin Your way)
03. 走れ!全力少女(instrumental)
04. 強引 Your way(instrumental)

Marry Doll is releasing a new single next Wednesday (February 9)!! This time is a double a-side single... Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo & Gouin Your Way ^_^

Thanks to misahisa3333, who uploads each "Marry Doll House" show, we have a long PV preview of Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo:

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