Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ono Erena graduated from AKB48

Yesterday, September 27th, Ono Erena (小野恵令奈) graduataded from AKB48. Her graduation ceremony was celebrated in a Team K show in the AKB48's Theater.

A month ago, Erena announced her graduation from the group in order to study abroad and become an actress.

A really sad departure... but as Sae said (or 10nen Zakura's lyrics said) graduation is a process. Erena says this is not a goodbye but a see you soon. She promises she's going to be back and asks her fans to wait her!

The Team K show went as always until the first encore where fans call Erepyon's name. After the three last songs from the usual setlist, they sang K2's Korogaru ishi ni nare (転がる石になれ). This is the first time new Team K sing this song.

After that they shown a VTR for the ocasion and for the surprise of everybody... ex-Team K members appeared!! Yuka, Kana, Oku, Kasai, Natsuki & Chikano (now Team B members), Natsumi & Asuka (now Team A members) and Meetan (now SDN48 member). Nonti (now SDN48 captain) couldn't be there, though =(. Old Team K line-up sang K4's
Sasae (支え) and after that, both old and new members sang K3's Sougen no kiseki (草原の奇跡).

It looks like ex-AKB48 (and Team K) members Naruse & Kaoru where backstage! There were one of my favorite members so I'm really glad to see them with AKB one more time!

Many AKB48 (current & ex) members dedicated their posts to Erena: Sae, Kana, Sayaka, Ayaka, Yuka, Yuko, Oku, Naruse, Kaoru, Chikano...

Good luck in your future Erepyon! We're all going to miss you!!!

As an Pick up of the week... I leave you with two performances: FIRTS LOVE, Ono first and only solo from Namida Surprise! single and Sougen no kiseki from K3' DVD (graduation of Imai -and Takada-).

AKB48 Memolist, Stage48


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