Saturday, May 12, 2012

StylipS, my new favorite Idol Seiyuu group

That's it! StylipS is my new favorite Idol-Seiyuu/Anison group!! StylipS is a group consisting of Noto Arisa, Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori and Matsunaga Maho!

Ishihara Kaori

Noto Arisa

Ogura Yui

Matsunaga Maho
Do you remember them? Yep, you sure know them! Remember that one-shot unit, TEAM DEKARIS? If not, you should know Yui and Kaori from YuiKaori or Nocchi from Ongaku Gatas, Hello! Pro Eggs, ... (Hello!Project). My dear girls finally made it and now became a permanet group (and an anison one!!).

They already released a first single called "STUDYxSTUDY" (which was used as an ED theme) and their going for their second one!

1st single: STUDYxSTUDY

2nd single: MIRACLE RUSH
Ahh~ I can't have enough of these girls!


I add some videos!


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