Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Secret Snow" by mirin×meme [Fanmade Single]

"Secret Snow" is a Music DVD released by Mirin and Risa from DearStage and under the name of "mirin×meme" on April 2009.

I made this fanmade release from the DVD (which my sister BDASHU bought): I ripped the song, both vocal and off vocal versions, and made a booklet from the slideshow and PV's screencaps. I also included the lyrics which I transcribed from the DVD booklet and then I romanized them.

mirin×meme 1st Music DVD CM


Live performance


♪ Name: Furukawa Mirin (古川未鈴)
♪ Blog: みりんあらもーど
♪ Twitter: FurukawaMirin


♪ Name: Aizawa Risa (相沢梨紗)
♪ Blog: この、ありさま。
♪ Twitter: RISA_memesama


01. Secret Snow
02. Secret Snow (Instrumental)
Other content:

♪ Booklet (fanmade)
♪ Slideshow screencaps
♪ Lyrics (Romanji & Kanji)

Password: bunnykaisuiblog


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