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Love Live!'s seiyuu First Live:『μ's First LoveLive!』

On February 12 Love Live!'s seiyuu cast or what is the same, μ's held their 1st concert! Concert had the name of "μ's First LoveLive!" and it include all the cast!

NOTE: It took me a long time to gather all this photos and to write this post, so I would really appreciate if you credit me as a source if you use any information from my post. Thank you!

From now on, I'll use the seiyuu names instead of their idol in this post, so here's the complete list of the cast:
  • 高坂穂乃果 (Kōsaka Honoka): CV 新田恵海 (Nitta Emi)
  • 絢瀬絵里 (Ayase Eri): CV 南條愛乃 (Nanjo Yoshino)
  • 南ことり (Minami Kotori): CV 内田彩 (Uchida Aya)
  • 園田海未 (Sonoda Umi): CV 三森すずこ (Mimori Suzuko)
  • 星空凛 (Hashizora Rin):CV 飯田里穂 (Iida Riho)
  • 西木野真姫 (Koshikino Maki): CV Pile
  • 東條希 (Tojo Nozomi):CV 楠田亜衣奈 (Kusuda Aina)
  • 小泉花陽 (Koizumi Hanayo): CV 久保由利香 (Kubo Yurika)
  • 矢澤にこ (Yazawa Niko):CV 徳井青空 (Tokui Sora)

This a little review of μ's first live concert. I didn't go but I use some Japanese sites to write this post. There's still no news if they're going to release it on DVD.

Before the concert...

Fans queuing

1st Segment (M1, M2, M3)

Concert started with μ's first song "Bokura no Live Kimi to Life". Outfits for this segment were 2nd single promotional ones.

Also, they were all wearing headsets microphones and imitating the dances we saw on the PVs perfectly!


Presentations time!

They decided to continue with a more "kakkoi" song, "Mermaid festa vol.1" which is their 4th single b-side. For this song, they took off their jackets~

They ended the first segment with their 4th single a-side "Natsuiro Egao de 1,2 Jump!". Again, dance was perfectly imitated.

2n segment: Units+Senbatsu 3rd Elections top 3 (M4~M9)

After groups songs, they decide to continue with units! First unit to perform was BiBi!


Nanjo YoshinoTokui Sora and Pile from BiBi started their segment with the a-side of their first single "Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu", followed by the b-side "Love Novels".


Next unit is Primtemps formed by Niita EmiUchida Aya and Kubo Yurika who sang "Love Marginal" and "sweet&sweet holiday".


Senbatsu 3rd Elections top 3!

Before ending the units segments, top 3 girls from 3rd Senbatsu Elections sang their original solo songs!

nº1 Nitta Emi

Mou hitori janai yo

nº2 Uchida Aya

Spica Terrible

nº3 Mimori Suzuko

Watashitachi wa Mirai no Hana

lily white

The last unit to perform was lily whiteMimori SuzukoIida Riho and Kusuda Aina sang "Shinaranai Love*Oshiete Love" and "A・no・ne・wa・ga・n・ba・re!".

3rd Segment (M10~M15)

For the final segment, they started showing a VTR with some rehearsal footage. They were wearing similar outfits from the Love Live! 1st concert promotional poster!

And then continue with groups songs... Their 4th single "Mo gyutto "love" de Sekinjuu!" and "baby maybe Koi no Button" followed by their 2nd single "Snow halation"

Mo gyutto "love" de Sekinjuu!

baby maybe Koi no Button

Snow halation


Ending of main concert!

Final Segment: Encore (EN1, EN2, EN3)

For the encore, girls wore the official concert goods (T-shirt, bagdes, bracelets and writsbands!) and sang three song "Yuujou No Change" (1st single b-side), "Aishiteru Banzai!" (4th single b-side ) and finally, of course, their debut single again "Bokura no LIVE Kimi to LIFE".

Last MC, Seiyuus are moved by their fans =)

Farewell and end of the concert!

After the concert and backstage...

Full Setlist
M1:僕らのLIVE 君とのLIF
M2:Mermaid festa vol.1
M4:ダイヤモンドプリンセスの憂鬱 - BiBi (Nanjo YoshinoTokui SoraPile)
M5:ラブノベルス -  BiBi (Nanjo YoshinoTokui SoraPile)
M6:Love marginal - Printemps (Niita Emi, Uchida AyaKubo Yurika)
M7:sweet&sweet holiday -  Printemps (Niita EmiUchida AyaKubo Yurika)
M8:もうひとりじゃないよ - Nitta Emi
M9:スピカテリブル - Uchida Aya
M10:私たちは未来の花 - Mimori Suzuko
M11:知らないLove*教えてLove - lily white (Mimori SuzukoIida RihoKusuda Aina)
M12:あ・の・ね・が・ん・ば・れ!- lily white (Mimori SuzukoIida RihoKusuda Aina)
M14:baby maybe 恋のボタン
M15:Snow halation

M1:Bokura no LIVE Kimi to Life
M2:Mermaid festa vol.1
M3:Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump!
M4:Diamond Princess no Yuuutsu - BiBi (Nanjo YoshinoTokui SoraPile) 
M5:Love Novels - BiBi (Nanjo YoshinoTokui SoraPile) 
M6:Love marginal - Printemps (Niita EmiUchida AyaKubo Yurika) 
M7:sweet&sweet holiday - Printemps (Niita EmiUchida AyaKubo Yurika) 
M8:Mou hitori janai yo - Nitta Emi 
M9:Spica Terrible - Uchida Aya
M10:Watashitachi wa Mirai no Hana - Mimori Suzuko
M11:Shinaranai Love*Oshiete Love - lily white (Mimori SuzukoIida RihoKusuda Aina)
M12:A・no・ne・wa・ga・n・ba・re! - lily white (Mimori SuzukoIida RihoKusuda Aina)
M13:Mo gyutto "love" de Sekinjuu!
M14:baby maybe Koi no Button
M15:Snow halation
EN1:Yuujou No Change
EN2:Aishiteru Banzai!
EN3:Bokura no LIVE Kimi to LIFE

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