Friday, August 10, 2012

5th single for μ’s "Wonderful Rush"+anime (2013)

μ’s 5th single was already announced some time ago but we now know its title and release date: "Wonderful Rush" will be released on September 5!

This time, center position goes for Kotori while 2nd and 3rd go for Niko and Maki! It looks like this single's theme is the airport (PASSPO☆ anyone? ;P)

01. Wonderful Rush
作詞:畑 亜貴 作曲・編曲:河田貴央
02. Oh,Love&Peace!
作詞:畑 亜貴 作曲・編曲:黒須克彦
03. Wonderful Rush(Off Vocal)
04. Oh,Love&Peace!(Off Vocal)
[Drama part]
05. 喫茶とメイドな一年生
06. 屋敷にお化けは二年生
07. ショーでファッション!三年生
08. ダンス・クライマックス!
01.アニメーションショートフィルム「Wonderful Rush」
And two PV previews...

"Anime desu yo! A-NI-ME!"

Sorry, wrong anime/videogame/idol group lol. But that's it! After 2 years of their "debut" they're finally getting an 2013! More info is TBA... so we have to wait a little more to know more about it!

And some random goods their going to be selling at Comiket! 

Their first fan book!

 Love Live Idol Project! Official Dengeki Site


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