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toutou トゥートゥー

Today I was trying to look for more information about an idol duo of sisters and I finally found somebody created an entry for them in WikiThePPN (not working anymore :( ), but sadly there's even less information that I know. That's why I had to complete what I know.


I knew them a year ago, in 2007 summer if I'm not wrong. Thanks to a webpage like YouTube (but a lot better): Stage6... videos in divx with the avaiability of downloading those videos... a big website m(_ _)m. I found the user who had uploaded all toutou's PVs, Making of and PVs DVDRips!! I only downloade one, the Dance Version of Hoshi Uranai no Uta.

Sadly, this website shutted down and all those videos were losen. One day I'm going to dedicate a full post of everything I could save from there...there were so many things!!

toutou (トゥートゥー)

It was an idol group formed by two sisters: Sayaka Nishimura (西村 紗也香) (the oldest) and Marika Nishimura (西村 麻理香). They emerged from a Fuji TV program in July 2005 called "Gacha Gachapon!", where they performed the ending them and other songs and choreographies for kids.

Hoshi Uranai no Uta

In July 2005, they released their first single Hoshi Uranai no Uta (星占いの歌) (The astrology song) in two versions, one with the CD and the other with a DVD which included the original PV, Dance version and Making of.

Kokoro no Mondai/Onegai! Prime Minister

Their second single Kokoro no Mondai/Onegai! Prime Minister (ココロの問題/お願 い!プライムミニスター) was released in November of the same year. Kokoro no Mondai was the opening them of the popular anime Keroro Gunsō (ケロ ロ軍曹)" o "Sargent Keroro, and Onegai! Prime Minister was used to promote the interest in politics between young people .

toutou no Album

In 2007, they released an album called toutou no Album (toutouのアルバム) which included a DVD too.

Right now they continue doing mini lives but there's no information about future releases.

UPDATED: They did their last concert a few weeks ago (June of 2009). They took a picture with their fans and were given a bouquet of flowers ^^

Ok, that's more or less all the information I could found about them... I would like to understand Japanese so I could read their blogs u.u. If I can complete with more information, I'm going to update this post ^^.

I leave you with some links and videos I found:

Official Profile
Official Site at SonyMusic (you cand see some videos online, Making of... and some previews)
Official Blog 1 (until August 4th, 2006)
Official Blog 2 (since July 7th, 2006)
Fan Blog
Another Fan Blog (until February 1st, 2007)

Hoshi Uranai no Uta ~ Video Clip ~ (星占いの歌~ビデオクリップ~)

Hoshi Uranai no Uta ~ Furitsuke Navigation ~ (星占いの歌~振り付けナビゲーション~)

CM Preview de Eigo no Uta (えいごの唄) (La canción del inglés)

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