Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Last post of the year!!!! Happy new year for all my readers (if there's still any xD). I want to thank you all for keep visiting my blog even if it's not so active as it used to be.

This year, I decided to keep blogging about my favorite Idol groups as well as a some of the activities I did by myself on YouTube and in Spanish Otaku conventions or with IDOL★ROMANCE! (a Spanish community of Idol fans I'm a co-founder of).

I actually want to blog a lot more, but a lot of things happened this year (and the previous year) plus right now I'm working and finishing my degree. There are a lot of projects I want to work in but there's no enough time :_D!

Did I ever blog about Fudanjuku? No??? My bad. They're quite perfect.
"What are you talking about? They're guys" Yeah, right, boys.... look properly ; D

My decision is I'm just going to try doing everything xD! I will keep this blog and present new sections!

First of all, blogging about my favorite Idols. Back when I started this blog, Idols weren't popular at all so I just wanted to share with everybody my love for some underground Idols almost nobody knew about (Momoiro Clover were an example). Right now, there are many blogs, forums, facebook pages,... that talk specifically about Chika Idols and I'm really happy about that. Here in Spain is (finally?) happening the same and I feel like I should give "my grain of salt" to the community xD.

Sae everywhere.

I'll recover the Merchandising/Goods tag! I'll write little reviews, post some photos/screencaps/whatever I feel like. I just want to share my collection!

Me and the beautiful Takahashi Asuka at Japan Expo 2011 (Paris).

And finally.... I want to start writing my "Road to Japan Expo 2013"!!! This year I decided I'm definitely going to Japan Expo again, for the second time. My experience the first time was so great (and I finally can afford the trip again) that I can't miss this opportunity. I'll write about my first time at Japan Expo in 2011 (meeting/seeing live HANGRY&ANGRY-f/Yossy&Rika, PASSPO★, Halko Momoi, Usagino Namihey,... as well as a lot of wota from all over the world I really want to meet again!) and my experiences in Spanish otaku conventions.

I'll do my best to keep this blog entertained! Please, look forward to my post on 2013 too!! Remember you can still follow me on twitter, tumblr and on my facebook page!

Thank you all and Happy New Year!!!!


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Mr.Kirkland said...

Makoto en tu banner... Sae everywhere... No sé quién eres ni cómo he llegado aquí, pero a partir de ahora sí que lo sabré OwO <3

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