Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mary Angel 2nd Album "Happy☆days!!"

Mary Angel are releasing their 2nd album, first one as a duo! Album is called "Happy☆days!!" and it's going to be released on August 8th! It contains already known songs, but not all edited on CD, including their official "overture".

Happy☆days!! cover

1.Overture ~ Love in Action
3.大好き! on!!!
7.Angel Wing (New Arrange Ver.)
8.Forever Light
9.Everyday Happy☆days!!
10.Like an Angel
11.恋するスナイパー -Aggressive Euro Mix- 

Promotional Video for "Everyday Happy☆days!!" 
This is actually their first PV!!

"Koisuru Sniper" (恋するスナイパー) Live
Finally!!!! This song is really popular among wota (I personally love it... it perfectly shows the spirit of Mary Angel). I'm really glad it's finally released it!


"Daisuki!" (大好き!) Dance practice
Another old song that's finally released on CD! They uploaded this one last year for the wota to learn it for their concerts : D.

"Like an Angel" Live
A-side from their last single (and first without Maya-chan) that was released on February!

It was released in 3 versions!

"music on!!!" Live
An old song (from 2010) that was never released. This song was originally sang by Mary Angel as a trio.

"Forever Light" Live
B-side of NKO Lovers single, origanally sang by Maya, Yu-ka and Risa too.

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