Thursday, July 28, 2011

New special unit NKO☆Lovers!!

N(Nagoya) K (Kyoto) O (Osaka)☆Lovers!! is a new special unit formed by Barbie Lips (Nagoya), Piminy (Kyoto) and Mary Angel (Osaka)!

Their debut single is called Kyuun to Daisuki! (キュンと大好き!) and is going be released on August 17th. B-sides include one original (and new) song per group:

  1. キュンと大好き! (Kyuun to Daisuki!)/ NKO☆Lovers!!
  2. マイライフ マイペース (My Life My Pace)/ Barbie Lips
  3. ミラクルなんて信じない (Miracle Nante Shinjinai) / Piminy
  4. Forever Light / Mary Angel
The only information about this unit I've seen so far is in Mary Angels' official blog and in online shops. Maya, Yu-ka and Risa mentioned they were recording a PV with locations in the sea (:DDDD) and studio! I hope we get to see it since a DVD isn't included with the CD :(

Mary Angel Official Blog, Neowing


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