Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Afilia Saga East 1st album and 6th single

Afilia Saga East released their first album called "whitism" last June 1st! The album contains all of their a-sides and b-sides plus four new songs. "Hiko Jisshu ~Learn To Fly~" is written by Halko Momoi and "Jutsu-shiki wa Dare ka no Tame ni" is composed by Tsunku. Limited Edition comes with a DVD "Hiko Jisshu ~Learn To Fly~" PV!

DVD Screencaps \(^O^)/


(Click to enlarge)

Covers and tracklist!

Regular Edition

Limited Edition
Disc 1 CD
  1. 「My White Ribbon ver.2011」
  2. 「メリディンの祈り」 (Meridian No Inori )
  3. 「ワタシ☆LOVEな☆オトメ!」 (Watashi☆LOVE na☆Otome!)
  4. 「恋をゲームにしないで!」 (Koi wo Game ni Shinaide!)
  5. 「聖ナル wktkノ星」 (Kiyoshi Naru wktk no Hoshi)
  6. 「TriangleWave」
  7. 「ルミナスの泉 ver.2011」 (Luminous no Izumi ver.2011)
  8. 「オペラファンタジア」 (Opera Fantasia)
  9. 「術式は誰かのために」 (Jutsu-shiki wa Dare ka no Tame ni)
  10. 「気球にのってどこまでも」 (Kikyuu Ni Notte Doko Made Mo)
  11. 「教育的指導!」 (Kyouiku-teki Yubi!)
  12. 「放課後_ロマンス」 (Houkago_Romance)
  13. 「ニーハイ・エゴイスト」 (Knee High Egoist)
  14. 「飛行実習~Learn To Fly~」 (Hiko Jisshu ~Learn To Fly~)
Disc 2 DVD
  1. 「飛行実習~Learn To Fly~」Music Clip
  2. 特典映像

As for their next single, we already know it's called "La*La*La Revolution" (La*La*Laラボリューション) and it's the theme song for the XBOX game “Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling”. Single is set to be released on July 27th.

They also updated members' profiles with new photos and wallpapers for Twitter of each member (Click in the ツイッター壁紙配布中! link at the end of each profile)!

(Click to enlarge)

Afilia Saga East Official Site, GirlsNewsTV


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