Friday, May 27, 2011

Mary Angel 4th single: succeed!+USTREAM+new songs

That's right! Mary Angel is releasing their 4th single next June 29th! Actually, Maya wrote about it some weeks ago but official announcement was made some days ago in their official site.

Cover and tracklist:

 (Click to enlarge)
1. succeed
2. I need back
3. succeed (Instrumental)
4. I need back (Instrumental)
Some months ago, they opened an USTREAM channel where they streamed some rehearsals. It was the first time we (western fans) could hear the new songs. At that time, I really liked certain song but since they didn't said the name of those songs they were performing.

Luckily, Fine Promotion opened a YouTube account and uploaded (HD) lives of those new songs plus an "Angel Wing" live. Be sure to subscribe to them and watch them!

I was happy to know they're releasing "I need back" because I love it! I really need to buy this single when I have money again (; _ ;).

Mary Angel Official Site


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