Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little update!

I'm alive!!! I know it's been a while since I updated the blog. A lot of things happened and I'm really (really) busy with my studies. The only time I had for my hobbies I use it for keep myself informed and I obviously didn't have time to update this blog.

However, with all this "idol revolution" we're living the last two years... a lot of Japanese people are starting to care about lesser known idol groups and soloists. Of course I'm happy since many groups I follow have more opportunities than before (debuting as major, doing collabs with other groups or being part of big projects like TIF2010 or Idolzukan). BUT western people are starting to "care" about them too. Actually, I like that since I have more people to talk about them but there's also a lot of competition between people/blogs that like to claim they know more idol groups than you or "their" idols are more "obscure" than yours -__- That kind of actitude annoys me a lot...

After TIF2010, there're many blogs talking about all these lesser known idols so I want to keep writing on my blog about those I like (even if I don't have to much time xD) and contribute with all this fandom. I also have a little Spanish community where we write news about Japanes idols: IDOL ROMANCE! Even if you don't understand Spanish, you can give it a try and enter our Facebook group!

That said... I go write more posts xD!

See you!


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