Monday, February 7, 2011

MarryDoll new single "Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo/Gouin YOUR WAY"

CD Tracklist + DVD
01. 走れ!全力少女 (Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo)
02. 強引 Your way (Gouin Your way)
03. 走れ!全力少女(instrumental)
04. 強引 Your way(instrumental)

Marry Doll is releasing a new single next Wednesday (February 9)!! This time is a double a-side single... Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo & Gouin Your Way ^_^

Thanks to misahisa3333, who uploads each "Marry Doll House" show, we have a long PV preview of Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo:

The day they were shooting Idolzukan Photobook (I'll try to talk about this project in the next posts!!!) they tried to show us some parts of the dance and they also sang a bit of Gouin Your Way:

This past week they went to Tokyo and they did some lives to promote their new single. Also, they're doing several events at Tower Records for the next two months!

Finally, both Misa & Ryoko opened Twitter accounts!

Ryoko & Misa's twitter accounts

I do like Hashire! Zenryoku Shojo a lot :D! Song it's cute & catchy~ I hope they do well with sales & they have a lot of fun in Tokyo!

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misahisa333 @ YouTube, MarryDoll Official Site, Ryoko Official Blog, Misa Official Blog.


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