Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Snow Halation" Short PV & covers!

I'm really late at this...but I was really busy with University :/

Anyway... Next Wednesday Love Live!'s 2nd single is out!! Actually... μ's (ミューズ or "miuzu") new single :D. That's right... finally (well, like a month ago ^^U) the actual name of the group has been decided among the fans' choices! 

Since Snow Halation release is so close... a short PV has been uploaded to Dengeki Official YouTube Channel, just as their first single.

Were you expecting a slow ballad since it's a X'mas song? I was xD. Maybe that's why I'm so pleased with this preview even if it is so short! I find both song and PV beautiful :D

Also, we have the covers of the regular & normal editions:

Special gifts for Dengeki G's mobile members :D

Akihabara stores already have a their copies ready for sale and some promotional posters ^^

Love Live! Official Lantis Site, Love Live! Official Dengeki Site


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