Friday, November 19, 2010

Sakura Gakuin single debut!

It's so wrong that I haven't talk about them yet!! Being a fan of Karen Girl's and being following the activity of two of its former members (Suzuka and Ayami) I was extremely happy to know about this new project this past summer.


If you knew, watched or read about TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010, you may know Sakura Gakuin did their debut as one of the main guest groups. I was happy to see Ayami, Suzuka and Ayaka presenting their group the first day of TIF2010 via USTREAM. Audience was obviously exciting despite being a new group since Suzuka & Ayami already have a large amount of fans :D.

Not so long time ago, they finally announced their single debut scheduled for this December 8th. This first single is a double A-side: Yume ni mukatte (夢に向かって) which was the song performed in TIF2010 and Hello! IVY, an inedit song. B-side is called School days (where did I read that song title before xD?). Also, it will include all three instrumentals.

Cover & tracklist:

(Thanks to Sushipafu & Yakushimaruhiroko for the big cover =D)

2.Hello ! IVY
3.School days
4.夢に向かって (Instrumental)
5.Hello ! IVY (Instrumental)
6.School days (Instrumental)
Yume ni mukatte (夢に向かって) [Live]

Sakura Gakuin Official Site


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