Thursday, August 12, 2010

☆Pickups of the week☆ [Week 2]

This week's we start with the new AKB48's TV comercials! This time our girls promote a AKB48 x Puccho campaign for their new flavors of Puccho candy using their new single Heavy Rotation (ヘビーローテーション) as background music!

Don't you think those are really cute ;P!

Next one it's a Chocolove from AKB48 performance from 2009 Setlist concert where their Ashita wa ashita no kimi ga umareru yo (明日は明日の君が生まれる) song ranked nº 8. This was a nice and moving performance because in that time, Rina Nakanishi (中西里菜) was already graduated from AKB48. It was a nice surprise to see Sayaka Akimoto and Miyazawa Sae together with Rina again ^^ (something that won't be repeated...)


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