Friday, July 2, 2010

「bunny☆kaisui」blog V.3

So I decided to start these holidays with a new layout design!! A few days ago, I saw Blogger had added some new features, so I prefered to change everything a call it V.3 xD!

If you see the headers.... they're almost the same as before with some changes :P.

Now there's only one sidebar at the left and many pages as links, "about me"... I'm still working on them so if you have any advice feel free to comment (in English or Spanish ^^).

I also added some links to my mylist on NicoNicoDouga and my account on Ameba so check them!!

I'm leaving for today~~ I'm watching AKB48's Yokohama concert DISK 3 (Majisuka Special!!) ;P



2 comentarios:

AiChan said...

Genial, como siempre :)

Espero que publiques más cosillas con las vacaciones!

♥ ルキ モモイー ♥ said...

hace mucho que no se nada de ti y de tu hermana T.T!! eso actualiza mas!

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